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Certified Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Architect Associate 2021


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Mulit-platform technology specialist

Recently employed by Eberly Systems as a Junior Systems Administrator

PC Recommendations

Basic Users

For users who only do basic things on a computer, such as web browsing, email, and word processing.

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Power Users

Users who spend significant time on their computer and do specialized work such as graphics or video, or work with large files.

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Gamers need something a little more special. There is a lot to consider here, but  here are the few thoughts I have on the subject.

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Long-Lasting Computers

Computers aren’t usually meant to last. In some special cases, people build computers for longevity. See my thoughts about this.

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I occasionally get related questions about choosing a new device. Read more here.

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As a thinker, I’ve invested a lot of thought in the way we work as technologists. Technology should work for us, so we can optimize our work and live a fuller life. There are many facets to doing this well.

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