The Bigger Picture

person with cell phone

Step back for a moment and consider technology in context.

Both a great wonder, and a great evil, the inundation of technology into every part of our lives is itself a paradox.

It raises people to fame, and destroys the famous; it helps people find answers to the most difficult of medical problems, and introduces it’s own psychological disorder; It saves lives, and causes deaths.

In general, its benefits far outweigh its cost; but so often we lose sight of the bigger picture.

I pursue a career in technology because it provides the largest window to the world. Today, in every industry, and in every part of every organization, technology is integral to both individual and institutional success.

The difficulty for many is that technology is a moving target. Yesterday, we used big clicky keyboards to entered files in a virtual filesystem; today, we sketch ideas on flat glass tablets; tomorrow, we will sculpt a virtual world, augmented into our reality.

These kinds of massive changes in the way we work and live pose real challenges for a lot of people, and even greater challenges for our society. It is often the young, and not the wise, who are able to solve problems and answer questions faster.

Success then, is at least partly related to how we see technology.

It is important that we understand where technology is headed, and the effects that it has on our lives and interactions with others, so we can decide the best way to make use of it right now.

One of my greatest honors in life is empowering people by giving them the right tools and the right perspectives, so that they can become more effective at doing what they do best.