Nate Moss

Technologist & Leader

In today’s world, the one field of study that impacts every area of life is Information Technology. With a passion for learning and exploring many different subjects, technology both grounds me in a single field, and opens a window to the whole world.

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At Eberly Systems

profile of Nate Moss

As the lead systems engineer for Eberly Systems, I currently administer the infrastructure for approximately 80 small businesses in the greater southern Pennsylvania area.


There are several types of projects that I am responsible for, including server upgrades, SharePoint migrations, cloud migrations, MDM deployments, and other technical projects.

As an organization, we are continually working to find the most effective ways to use technology for the success of small businesses.

At Penn Manor

profile of Nate Moss

Formerly a Technical Support Specialist at Penn Manor School district from 2016 to 2022 I supported two elementary schools and a middle school. 

This involves everything you would expect in supporting 186 teachers and staff, and 1465 students.

“Building techs” like myself also involved ourselves in infrastructure related projects. There is a great level of ownership and autonomy given to the techs in this role, which rapidly builds expertise and competency in the techs that do this.

It was a great honor to serve at Penn Manor, which has gained global recognition in the open source community for its one to one Linux laptop program, which at one point extended from grades 4 to 12.

Red Hat produced a short film about Penn Manor and has highlighted the IT Director, Charlie Reisinger for his efforts. Watch it here.


I obtained an associates in information systems from YTI Career Institute in 2011.

This was an accelerated 2 year program with a focus on hands on learning. This was a really great program that lined up very well with my real world experiences later on. I learned later that the professors I had were particularly great, and I had the privilege of learning from the best.


Gospel Light Baptist Church

We currently attend Gospel Light Baptist Church in Millersville PA where I lead the livestream ministry.

Photography Meetup

For a number of years, I participated and helped in the organization of the Lancaster County Photography Meetup Group, an open community group that meets  monthly and often holds “photo walks” to help photographer improve their craft. 

Linux User Groups

For a number of years, I helped in the organization of two Linux User Groups: the Central Pennsylvania Linux User Group, and the Lancaster Linux User Group.

Photography & Theology

With technology as a foundation, I enjoy pursuing a wide range of subjects. Sometimes I like to say that I collect hobbies. Of those extra-curricular fascinations, two stand out as the most pervasive and consistent: photography, and theology. 

Photography has connections to everything else in life. Every walk of life has a story worth telling, and a photograph can be a great way of telling it. There is a metaphor that runs deep in photography for many aspects of life: learning to see, sharing the light, looking through the lens, and learning to focus, all have a similitude in photography. For me, being a photographer isn’t just about taking pictures, it’s about connecting with the light all around us.

No matter where you come from, or where you land, there are always questions worth asking. Having grown up in and around Bible ministries, and having taken on my own personal studies, I find the Bible holds some of the best answers to those deep questions.