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12 Days of Christmas

For December, 2023, I have a blog post series on the 12 days of Christmas – The Real Story, where I walk through the story of Christmas, taking time to explore what may have actually happened in the events of history.

Christmas trees and snow

12 Days of Christmas – The Real Story -Introduction

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In Loving Memory

of my mother

Joyce Moss

A message in her honor, delivered at North Hills Bible Church Saturday, August 26th.

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Joyce Moss


Abstract & Street

abstract photo

I’m a casual photographer, just in it for the fun. I enjoy thinking about the theory of photography, communicating with images, and pushing the limits.

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Though every individual tends to find their own understanding of who God is and what the Bible says, I believe it is possible through careful and considerate examination of Scripture to identify exactly what God would have us know about Him and His Word.

I continue to study the words of Scripture with careful intent. Aeryn and I continue to exploring areas of Biblical studies including chronology, textual criticism, soteriology, and appologetics.

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I have spent significant time and effort in a study of the book of Proverbs, and have collected some unique perspectives on the content of the book and it’s incomprehensibly poetic nature.

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What I Believe


The 5 Solas.

The meaning of τέλειον in I Co 13:10 is the completion of canon.

The Textus Receptus is the preserved text of new testament Scripture upon which I base my theology regarding the New Testament.

The Ben Chayyim Masoretic text is the preserved text of the Old Testament Scripture upon which I base my theology regarding the Old Testament.

God did predestinate those he foreknew would choose in free will to accept His payment of the sins of every human, and receive His Holy Spirit.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth in 6 literal 24 hour days, approximately ± 6,000 – 7,000 years ago.

Music is the expression of the soul.

• Piano

The piano has always been my passion in regard to music. It is the instrument most capable of expressing one’s emotions.

• Music Leadership

Music is a vital part of preparing the heart to hear the Word of God.

• Music in Theology

I’m currently endeavoring to learn what God wants our worship of Him to sound like. You may find me in deep conversation with musicians in various churches on the topic of music in worship.


The Moss Family


Nathanael, Aeryn, Jeshaiah, and Selah Moss currently live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.