Having grown up as a pastor’s son in a fundamental Bible church, I have had a unique opportunity to become very familiar with the doctrines of the Bible. Aeryn and I continue to look into the Scriptures to see what we can learn, and we are fascinated by some of the studies that we have undertaken.

I’ve also become fascinated with how people think, and thus, what other people believe and why. I occasionally study other religious organizations and their beliefs and history in an effort to better understand the world.



The words of Scripture are valuable for every aspect of life. They can give a person hope, peace, understanding, comfort, and encouragement. They are words that can be understood by anyone if only we take the time to look.

When I look into the Scriptures I find something somewhat disappointing… these words have been with us, and have been available to the interested individual for the past 2000 years, yet there is something completely missing within our Bible circles today.

Where is the authoritatively accurate timeline? Where is the note for note transliteration of the music of the Psalms (yes, that would be possible)? Where are the beautiful graphics showing the connection of the prophecies and their fulfillment or the connection of the minor prophets together?

I find it a shame the number of Bible study tools that have yet to be written. If only others saw the need as I do and could take up the task of developing tools across all languages and cultures, to provide pastors and teachers with the resources they desperately need in order to quickly and accurately understand even the most difficult parts of the Bible. 



Possibly the single most important study to have completed in approaching Scripture is a solid chronology of events, especially in the old testament. Aeryn and I have discovered some particularly insightful information, and as a result are in a potentially unique position to develop a complete chronology of the old testament.


I believe the book of Proverbs in the Bible is very often misinterpreted. Solomon captured his wisdom by painting a panorama of life, using individual proverbs as his paint and color. I have spent more than 4 years of study on the book and am only now unlocking the mysteries it has held for millennia.


Aeryn has taken an interest in genetics, and has uncovered interesting and undeniable facts within that field that prove evolution to be completely unviable. I have an interest in geology, which reveals similar discrepancies.