The Infinite Question…


What does it mean to master something?

Philosophers throughout history no doubt have pondered how a person can accomplish the most in their lifetime. It wouldn’t be hard to argue that most people aren’t making the best of their one opportunity at living a life.


Less is more

It is often said that a jack of a trades is a master of none. Certainly focusing on a single subject area of study and practice, one can master it to a much greater level of skill. The reason this is true is because the student has the ability to focus entirely on the subject, and to spend a significant amount of time in practice.

The power of desire

The effectiveness with which one does a task is also partially related to the passion of the participant. If a person has little interest in a subject, he will have little chance of real mastery in that subject.

Personality at it’s best

Perhaps most important, is an individual’s ability to maximize the strengths of their personality to enable both the focus and the passion required for mastery. For some, as myself, it is important to explore a wide array of subjects, and in the process of studying any new subject, give their undivided attention to the subject at hand.

That is my story of mastery. What’s yours?